I have a strong interest in teaching and science education. Here are some of my recent teaching activities:

Volunteering with FAR-B in the Mobile Science Laboratory

In late 2016 I volunteered with Friends of Agricultural Research - Beltsville (FAR-B) to work in the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation, Inc. Mobile Science Laboratory. We helped teach elementary students in a variety of grades about topics related to science and agriculture and were featured in the U.S. Department of Agriculture ARS & You Newsletter.

Students and volunteers in the Mobile Science Laboratory (Photo By: Laura Gu)

Adjunct Faculty at George Mason University

In Spring 2014 at George Mason University (GMU) I designed and taught "Writing in Statistics and the Sciences," a graduate course focused on improving the writing skills of international students in their specific discipline. A copy of the course syllabus is available for download.

BRIDGE Teaching Scholar at George Mason University

From 2012-2014 I assisted international graduate students in bioinformatics and statistics as a GMU BRIDGE Scholar through the former GMU Center for International Student Access. In addition to tutoring students with their coursework, I helped them acclimate to graduate school in the US, explore potential thesis topics, and identify good faculty advisers to work with in their department. This program has now merged with INTO University Partnerships to form the new INTO Mason joint venture.

Teaching Fellow with the National Science Foundation GMU SUNRISE GK-12 Program

From 2010-2012, I was a fellow in SUNRISE- the National Science Foundation GK-12 Project at GMU. I visited local high-needs elementary schools to motivate students in subjects related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and worked with teachers to make science classes as fun and cutting edge as possible. Our program put on a series of successful summer science camps and spent a month in India for some fantastic research collaboration and science education outreach opportunities. For more information on our work, see the video below produced by George Mason and the accompanying article in Mason Research.

SUNRISE Engineering Camp from George Mason University.

Teaching with the JET Program

From 2006-2008, I was an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) with the JET Program in Aomori City, the capital city of Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Working for the Aomori City Board of Education, I taught English at a number of middle and elementary schools throughout the city, which, was an incredible experience. If you ever find yourself in Japan in early August I highly recommend heading to Aomori to see the Nebuta Festival.